Can an average club player win £1,200 by playing snooker against his friends?

The answer is yes.

Chandlers Ford Snooker Club’s Senior Roll-Up is a unique series of 104 tournaments that runs from the beginning of October to the end of September the following year.

Cash tournaments are held twice weekly, on Thursdays, at 7.00pm, and Sundays,

at 6.30pm, and are open to club members only at £15 a throw.

All players are handicapped. But handicaps change after every tournament.

Those winning money are docked one point for every £10 won. Those not winning money receive an extra point.

A percentage of each night’s entry fees is rolled-up (hence the name) to form a £4,000 end-of-season prize fund.

The player who has won the most money over the year pockets an extra £1,200.

The next nine players collect a share of the remaining £2,800.

Senior Roll Up

Senior Roll Up