The Saturday afternoon Open Series at Chandlers Ford Snooker Club is geared towards helping players of the junior leagues prepare for longer matches

and regional competitions.

It is also ideal for older players seeking a first taste of competition.

Play starts at 1pm and finishes somewhere between 5pm and 7pm.

Another attraction is that the club allows Open Series players, who are in between matches or who have been knocked out, free practice (subject to table availability) until the final ends.

All players are handicapped and are guaranteed at least two matches every week. How do handicaps work? If player A has a top break of 20, he or she may have a handicap of +30. If player B is a century-breaker, he or she may have a handicap

of -30. If they were drawn together, player A would receive a 60-point start in

every frame. 

The cost is £9 for members and £10 for non-members.

Saturday Open Series

Saturday Open Series